Nutrient Metabolic Primer

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N) 2%
  • Soluble Potash (K2O) 3%



Why Xpect?

Xpect is a phosphorus metabolic primer that contains key L-amino acids.

Root Growth and Development

Specific L-amino acids and improve lateral root branching, root growth, and overall soil health.

Phosphorus Nutrition

Xpect increases plant phosphorus uptake. Xpect contains no phosphorus.

The unique formulation of Xpect is the new standard for root development where phosphorus restrictions exist.

Product Usage

Root Growth

Apply 0.25-1.0 gal./acre as a soil/foliar application 1 to 4 times early season.

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

Apply 0.25-1 gal./acre as a soil/foliar application combined with fertilizer applications.