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When it Comes to Plant and Soil Nutrition, We're A Leader in the Field

We're leading the way in plant and soil nutrition technology that has been proven successful under all growing conditions.

View the Redox Results for a study done by a third-party to see the effects of Mainstay Calcium on cucumbers in a controlled environment.

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Redox products are the result of in-depth research and scientific leadership. We develop our technology along with other companies, universities, and research institutions in several countries.

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Since I’ve been using Redox products not only have I noticed a yield increase but our plants look healthier too.
Wine grape growers in the Yakima valley like to use diKaP and P-58 because it helps accumulate brix faster. On years like 2019 where rains and fall temps haven’t been favorable for sugar accumulation, it’s a product that can make a difference in quality and maturity.

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We do what we do knowing the unique challenges you face every day — the factors, the causes, and the ways to deliver an impressive solution. That’s why we’re here — to understand your challenges and deliver an effective program that solves them.

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Redox prides itself on being a plant technology company that incorporates innovative and proprietary technology that allow the plant to grow beyond current yields....

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Redox products deliver proven results, the highest level of uptake efficiency, and reduced risk to the environment through lower inputs with maximum growth benefits.

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Over the years, we’ve collected results from a broad range of regions and conditions.

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